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JJ Miller played an instrumental role in developing the branding aesthetics for Eight Elite Light Lager. During a concise seven-day shoot, JJ Miller expertly curated all branding components for the beer's launch, including six months of captivating content which effectively conveyed the brand's essence. These efforts were pivotal in securing a prosperous debut and continued success, as evidenced by its rapid growth trajectory and recognition as the fastest-growing beer in the country. The brand's aesthetics were so versatile that they were adapted for multiple promotional channels, including television advertisements, beer truck wraps, and in-store branding just to name a few. JJ Miller's continued collaboration with Eight Beer underscores a long-term commitment to the brand's continued growth and success.

Eight Elite Light Lager is the result of two years of dedicated experimentation, incorporating only the finest organic grains and antioxidant-rich hops. This luscious brew boasts a mere 90 calories and 2.6g of carbs, without any adjuncts or added sugars. The creators of Eight Beer refuse to take shortcuts or make excuses, committing themselves fully to the quality of the product. As such, Eight Beer is not just any beer, but a labor of love, a testament to a tireless pursuit of excellence.

Eight - Elite Light Lager

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